Winemaking never ceases to evolve. As farmers we combine intuition and knowledge, enabling us to better adapt to our environment, and through our wine making we capture the essence of terroir.

Our wines are the reward of respecting our environment and nurturing her beauty, from the vineyard through to the bottle.

winemaking barrels


Our first vintage release began with 2001, and over the years we have not wavered from our desire to produce great wine. This vision is continually challenged by our ambition to minimise intervention whilst retaining the qualities of our fruit. Winemaking begins in the vineyard, and it’s here that the attention to detail starts. We are fortunate to be fanatical about quality, and enjoy making wines that are authentic.

wine making vats


Our winery is located on our Stone Well vineyard, situated in Marananga, Barossa Valley. Designed to harness old World winemaking techniques, it provides versatile opportunities for white and red winemaking. Certified organic, we specialise in producing wines with minimal supplements, keeping them vegan friendly and low in preservatives.

wine barrel cellar


An integral part of our wine style is achieved from our natural cellar in which the conditions for elevage are ideal; its temperature remaining between 11 – 14 degrees Celsius year round, with 55 – 70% relative humidity. We employ various mediums to encapsulate our wines and highlight the strengths of the particular grape varieties grown. Our oak is wholly sourced from French cooperages, much of which is large format (namely Foudres and Vats), with the more recent introduction of concrete eggs and terracotta amphorae.

hand crushed grapes wine vats tractor in vineyard at seppeltsfield wine testing from barrels